Buying Green Tea Online
Among all the tea types, green tea is the most consumed in China, and it has gained popularity worldwide due to its significant health properties. Although green tea is the earliest type of tea known in China, a good and authentic cup of tea, made from fresh spring leaves, is worth anticipating.

At Teasenz we are fortunate in working with loose leaf green tea farmers who are born and raised on the same land where they grow tea. We are driven by our passion to share their fresh leaf teas with you and the rest of the world.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, stay healthy and energized, or simply enjoy an authentic cup of tea, Teasenz is confident you will enjoy our line of Chinese green teas:

All our loose green teas are picked in the late spring season. The low temperatures during this season allow the tea leaves and buds to grow slowly and acquire more flavor. During the early spring, since insects have not yet appeared, the use of pesticides are avoided. This is why all our green teas are safe and will meet EU and U.S.A. import testing standards.
Fresh green leaves also contain more nutrition and a high amount of antioxidants. In addition, all our loose green teas consist of 100% natural leaves with no artificial flavoring or coloring.
Although Chinese tea is healthy and fresh, it also offers a great variety of flavors and aromas from each region. Our tea experts travel to well known regions such as Huangshan, Xinyang, Anji and Liu'an to taste and select only the best.